Government Relations


Our Most Important Role

As the government’s role in our industry continues to grow and with the stakes getting higher by the day, we must continue to play a more active role in government. The best way to do this is building relationships with our legislators and educating them on our industry. 

Your Voice in Government

“All politics is local” and OCADA works closely with all of Orange County’s elected officials educating them on the retail automotive industry. We carefully evaluate the effects of proposed legislative and regulatory actions and communicate with elected officials on their impact on your business, your employees and your communities. The association also works together with the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) and National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the American International Auto Dealers Association (AIADA) to ensure that a dealer perspective is voiced and heard on legislative issues.

Legislative Lunches

In an effort to foster and strengthen the relationships with local Legislators, OCADA has implemented the Legislative Luncheon program. We host luncheons with the Legislators to help build these important relationships and provide them with a better understanding of our industry, which is essential to our success when we need their support in the future. Over 62% of Dealers participated and of those Dealers, 57% had not previously met their legislator. 100% of attendees would recommend these luncheons to their fellow Dealers! 

OC Delegation to Dealer Day

Dealer Day is an opportunity to meet with our State Senators and Assemblymembers at their Capitol offices and share with them the important role Dealers play in the community and the issues that affect our businesses.  If you have never been before, please consider making a wise political investment of your time to travel to Sacramento.  By attending Dealer Day you can experience first-hand, the impact you can have on the future of our industry.  

Supporting Candidates Who Support Dealers

The OCADA Political Action Committee supports pro-business, pro-dealer candidates. The OCADA-PAC helps shape the political landscape, not just react to it. All contributions made by the PAC are recommended by local dealers and approved by the OCADA-PAC Board of Directors. In the last election cycle, the OCADA-PAC contributed over $93,000 to pro-dealer candidates.